The World Has Changed, Are You Ready to Change with It?

The Society for Knowledge Economics (SKE) was formed to address Australia's critical need to develop more innovative, fulfilling and high performing workplaces.

Recent research finds that high performing workplaces are up to 12 per cent more productive and three times more profitable than their peers.

A higher performing workplace also performs better in many important 'intangible attributes', such as encouraging innovation, customer orientation, leadership of people, and creating a fair workplace environment.

Strong leadership, good management practices and healthy workplace cultures are critical to strengthening workplace performance. Every person should be enabled and encouraged to contribute to his or her fullest potential at work.

To achieve this, the SKE advocates a collaborative approach, harnessing the power of governments, businesses, researchers, industry associations, unions and others.

We run collaborative industry research and partnering projects and prepare practical tools and guidelines, thought leadership pieces, policy submissions and research papers to influence policy directions and leadership and management practices in Australian workplaces.

We operate as a forward-looking, open-minded organisation, committed to practical solutions, collaboration and IP sharing.

Watch the Workplaces of the Future Forum II video here