BRLF Background

The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) is creating a globally accepted business reporting framework: a framework which brings together financial, environmental, social and governance (ESG) information in a clear, concise, consistent and comparable format - put briefly, in an integrated report. The intention is to provide better insight about an organisation's strategy, total performance and future prospects, to meet the needs of the emerging, more sustainable, global economic model.

"The goal of the IIRC is not to increase the reporting burden on companies and other entities. Rather, it is to help them and all their stakeholders make better resource allocation decisions. All of us have a stake in a sustainable society. While integrated reporting alone cannot ensure sustainability it is a powerful mechanism to help us all make better decisions about the resources we consume and the lives we lead."
Ian Ball, CEO of the International Federation of Accountants and Co-Chair of the IIRC Working Group

The IIRC's first phase is to develop a Discussion Paper setting out a framework, overarching concepts and guiding principles, under which the future of corporate reporting can evolve. This Discussion Paper, once agreed by various global stakeholders will be presented at the G20 in November 2011 for consideration and potentially adoption by global leaders as the way forward for transparent and business-useful reporting.

Australian Response
The Society for Knowledge Economics (SKE) has undertaken a number of collaborative projects focusing on better management, monitoring and reporting by organisations on their use and development of intellectual capital and other intangible assets e.g. Australian Guiding Principles on Extended Performance Management (2005).

At the request of Stakeholders from a wide range of sectors, the SKE has convened a relevant multi-stakeholder group, called the Australian Business Reporting Leaders Forum's (BRLF) with a core purpose of:

'Collaborating with Australian stakeholders and working with global initiatives to promote and drive the development and implementation of a strategy-aligned integrated business reporting framework, thereby reducing complexity and enabling efficient allocation of capital.'

The BRLF has been working with Australian stakeholders since June 2010 to discuss IIRC's development of a global framework and progress of in Australia. BRLF participants comments and concerns are fed back to the IIRC for consideration.

The BRLF has also been working closely with the Worldwide Intellectual Capital Initiative (WICI). Over the last two years, WICI has developed a holistic strategy-centric business reporting framework, early days XBRL taxonomies (for efficient electronic data sharing) and emerging sector-specific KPI libraries. WICI is now working with the IIRC towards development of a single global solution.

Members & Observers of BRLF

The Australian Business Reporting Leaders Forum's (BRLF) is a multi-stakeholder group, established by the Society for Knowledge Economics (SKE) in late 2010 to collaborate with Australian stakeholders and work with global initiatives to promote and drive the development and implementation of a strategy-aligned integrated business reporting framework. The BRLF will develop Australia's response to, and support of the IIRC. The organisations that have attended the first two meetings include:

  • Government, Regulatory Bodies & Standard Setters
  • Professional and Industry Associations
  • Business
  • Public Sector Organisations
  • Investors
  • Accounting Firms
  • Universities

Since inception, the list of interested parties has increased to include more companies, investors, associations, accounting and specialist sustainability firms. Participation is open to interested parties and all agendas and minutes of meetings will be made publicly available.

Publications and Minutes


May 16th, 2014

Minutes of BRLF 16 May 2014 download

Presentation by Jessica Fries to BRLF 16 May 2014 download

BRLF Letter to IAASB 2 May 2014 download

BRLF Letter to Government 11 April 2014 download


May 29th & May 30th, 2013

BRLF May 2013 Sydney Presentation download

Summary of BRLF comments on the IIRC Consultation Draft of the Framework released 16 April 2013 download

John Stanhope Comment in AFR 29 May 2013 download

Mervyn King Article in AFR 30 May 2013 download


November 26th & December 6, 2012

AICD Paper - Integrated Reporting 2012 Final Notes of Assurance Workshop download

BRLF Session #8 PPF download

August 22nd, 2012

BRLF 2012 Final Notes of Assurance Workshop download

May 1st & May 8th, 2012

BRLF7 Agenda download

BRLF PPT Slide Pack download

Notes of FRC BRLF Discussions download

FRC's IIRC submission download


November 28th & December 8th, 2011

BRLF6 Agenda download

BRLF PPT Presentation Pack download

BRLF Draft 2012 Objectives download

BRLF Meeting Minutes and Notes download

August 16th, 2011

BRLF5 Agenda download

BRLF Presentation Pack download

PwC Corporate Reporting download

KPMG Better business reporting download

April 11th, 2011

BRLF Notes of Meeting download

BRLF4 Agenda download

BRLF Presentation Pack download

GRI IIRC Briefing Document download

BRLF Working Group Business Case for Integrated Reporting - Draft Discussion Paper download

February 4th, 2011

BRLF Agenda download

Draft BRLF Governance Structure download

BRLF SubGroup Draft Workplan download

BRLF SubGroup Meeting Outcomes download

BRLF Working Group Business Case for Integrated Reporting download

BRLF Australian Landscape Review download

BRLF Presentation Pack download


October 7th, 2010

BRLF Agenda download

BRLF Outcomes & Next Steps download

BRLF 7 Oct PPT download

BRLF Draft Workplan download

July 21st, 2010

BRLF Agenda download

BRLF 21 July Notes download

WICI 21 Jul PPT download

Paul Madden 21 Jul PPT download

BRLF Issues / Concerns Meeting Notes download

KPMG PPT download

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