About Us

A leading knowledge economy is one that aims to better understand, develop and unleash the most potent force in creating economic and social value today - its people and collective knowledge.

The Society for Knowledge Economics Limited (SKE), a not-for-profit company, was founded in June 2005 by Microsoft Australia and Westpac Banking Corporation and was an initiative of the Australian Government Consultative Committee on Knowledge Capital.

From its inception, the SKE has been committed to making Australian workplaces the most innovative, productive and fulfilling in the world.

To achieve this, the SKE believes that we need collaborative, cross-sectoral initiatives supported by industry, academia, policy makers and thought leaders, focused on developing our workplace leadership capabilities.

The SKE embodies this philosophy of collaboration and exists through the generous support of organisations across industry, government and academia.

Our Work

Our work is focused on leadership, culture and management practices in Australian workplaces (public, private, large and small) as the foundation to maximise innovation, productivity and sustainability.

To this end, the SKE:

  • Undertakes research and collaborative projects in areas relevant to promoting and developing Australia as a leading knowledge economy and strengthening workplace management practices
  • Leverages and builds international affiliations with like-minded bodies and organisations around the world
  • Promotes, prepares and publishes practical tools and guidelines, thought leadership pieces, policy submissions and research papers using local and global expertise
  • Runs collaborative projects bringing together policy makers, academics, practitioners, associations and others through the SKE Industry Research and Partnering Program
  • Invites contributions from leading practitioners and researchers across all sectors of the Australian economy
  • Participates and presents at events to facilitate knowledge exchange and development in areas relevant to promoting and developing Australian workplaces and the Australian economy
  • Offers and organises collaborative workshops and discussion forums to members of the Society and the public
  • Publishes and provides relevant information and membership services through the Society's website, newsletters and research reports

The SKE has developed a reputation for producing high quality research, bringing together the best and brightest people from across academia, policy and industry to produce the best outcome. We advocate a collaborative approach to knowledge creation and development and strive to ensure our research is relevant to a wider range of audiences throughout the community.

Our Supporters

The SKE exists through the generous support of organisations across industry, government and academia.

Microsoft and Westpac as founding members have provided significant cash and in-kind contributions enabling the SKE to establish itself as an independent thought-leader and catalyst in the areas of innovation and productivity.

The Australian School of Business at the University of New South Wales has provided generous staffing and research support since the inception of the SKE in 2005. CPA Australia, one of the largest professional bodies in the world, has provided cash and in-kind contributions since 2006.

Over the past few years, Hewlett Packard, PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG have joined the SKE as Corporate members. Together our valuable supporters and members provide the SKE with collaborative, cross-sectoral capacity to enable significant, positive change.