Press release - Leadership and management capability is key to Australian workplace productivity, October 6, 2011

The SKE today announced the release of a 2 year study into leadership and management capability which finds a strong correlation between progressive leadership practices and business performance, including productivity and profitability.

Steve Vamos - Open Forum's Blog of the Day, January 24, 2011

Open Forum's Blog of the Day 'Key to productivity growth locked in the mindsets of Australian organisational leaders and managers'

Management must change to lift productivity, January 21, 2011

Opinion Piece by Steve Vamos, AFR


"The Scoop - IT Elders: Steve Vamos" - Steve Vamos speaks with The Scoop host Mark Jones about his passion for leadership and business success [audio only]

What do the 2010 Intergenerational Report, economic recovery and high performing workplaces have in common? CPA Australia, Feb 2010

"DEEWR commissions SKE for Leadership, Culture and Management attributes of High Performing Workplaces in Australia National Study"


What Would You Like to Change? August 2009

PwC Partner Jon Williams speaks with Dr Christina Boedker and Dr Peter Langford about the results from a recent and ongoing survey "What Would You Like to Change?"

Closing the Workplace Performance to Potential Gap Speech, July 2009


Mind the Gap: Australia's Knowledge Capital Shortcomings, June 2009

Knowledge capital assets are central to delivering a sustained competitive advantage and ensuring organisational success, however less than one third of Australians organisations are achieving significant performance increases as a result of their knowledge capital. To find out the key drivers that unlock organisational performance from knowledge capital, download a copy of CSC's report from

BTalk Australia Phil Dobbie talks to Nick Wilkinson, CSC’s president and CEO for Australia, and Dr Christina Boedker, from the SKE about Knowledge Capital. Visit

The SKE Receives Emerald Literati Network 2009 Award for Excellence, June 2009

The SKE is awarded for our research on Enhanced Business Reporting by Emerald Publication. The paper was prepared in collaboration with the US Enhanced Business Reporting Consortium for submission to the US Securities Exchange Commission. It calls for change to financial reporting standards to consider intangible assets. The paper was published in the Journal of Human Resources Costing and Accounting, 2008. See

The NSW Department of Lands wins the Australasian Reporting Award on Knowledge Capital using SKE's Extended Performance Management Guidelines, June 2008 and June 2009.

For a copy of NSW Department of Lands’ Intellectual Capital Statements, please download the Department’s Annual Reports from


SKE Receives Honourable Mention for Outstanding Achievement in Research and Development Collaboration, November 2008

The SKE receives an Honourable Mention for Outstanding Achievement in Research and Development Collaboration from the Business and Higher Education Roundtable Awards, November 2008. The award was given in recognition for the SKE Industry Partnering and Research Program and the successful completion of 12 collaborative research and industry projects with Australian organisations, policy makers, associations, academics and others.

SKE Selected for the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations' Research Analysis and Evaluation Panel, November 2008

The SKE has been selected to join the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations' Research Analysis and Evaluation Panel. In this role, the SKE will provide research consulting services to DEEWR.

Leadership Test to Inspire Innovation, Australian Financial Review, August 2008

The Victorian Minister releases a new report Enabling Innovation: The Role of Leadership, Culture and Management, prepared by the SKE on behalf of the Victorian Government


Acknowledgement of SKE Contribution by the US Enhanced Business Reporting Consortium – a Thank You note from Michael Krzus, President, EBRC


The SKE Calls for Culture Change to Lift Australia’s Innovation Potential, Australian Financial Review, May 2008


SKE is admitted as Participating Member of the World Intellectual Capital Initiative, Washington, April 2008

Visit the World Intellectual Capital Initiative at

Rudd Government Must Develop the ‘Culture Fabric’ to Foster Innovation, The Australian, February 2008

The SKE calls for inclusion of ‘leadership, management and culture’ in the government’s forthcoming review of Australia’s National Innovation System


EBRC and Knowledge@Wharton, January 2008

The Enhanced Business Reporting Consortium (EBRC) and Knowledge@Wharton, the online research and business analysis journal of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, have decided to join hands to study key issues in, among other things, business reporting, key performance indicators, tangible and intangible assets. EBRC and Knowledge@Wharton will conduct surveys and produce Podcasts on these topics beginning in early 2008.

The EBRC members believe that if the members of WICI Promoting Parties and Participating Parties, including the members of the Society for Knowledge Economics, were to participate in this research project, it would greatly enhance the quality of our findings. In order to be notified when the surveys are launched, we invite you to register for free membership of Knowledge@Wharton at the following link:

The EBRC and the SKE appreciate your participation and thank you in advance for your consideration.


Australasian Reporting Awards, 2007, 2008, 2009

In recognition of the growing importance of Knowledge Capital to Australian organisations, the Australasian Reporting Awards recently announced the addition of the Knowledge Capital Reporting Award, to its 2007 assessment list. The Award is inspired by the SKE (2005) Guiding Principles on Extended Performance Management.

SKE Newsletter, August 2007


ICAA EVENT on Intangible Assets, May 2007

Accounting standards have traditionally taken a conservative approach to valuing intangible assets, resulting in a growing gap between the market and book value of organisations. This presentation, from the Institute of Chartered Accountants' Conference on May 15, 2007, addresses this issue and reviews the 'drivers of change', international responses, the effects of measuring and reporting on intangibles and how the future might.


Intangible Value of ICT Investments, February, 2007

Most information, communication and technology (ICT) investments appraisal methods fail to consider the intangible costs and benefits that accrue from ICT investment. This paper presents a framework for considering the intangible capital value of ICT investments. The paper stems from a request by the Australian Government's Information Management Office's request to "Extrapolate the standardised language and approach required to describe structural, relational/social and human capital elements of ICT investments, such that the language and approach can be used for preparing business cases by Australian Government agencies". This project is a collaborative project with CSC, Sydney University and UNSW.


Blueprint for Australia to become the Innovative Country, November 2006

The SKE and Business Council of Australia release National Innovation Framework for Australia.


The SKE Receives Emerald Literati Network 2006 Award for Excellence, June 2006

The SKE is awarded for our research on Intellectual Capital Measurement and Reporting with the NSW Department of Lands. The paper, published in Journal of Intellectual Capital , Vol 6, No 4, was commended for illustrating a practical way of enabling management to visualise and assess the contribution of the knowledge-intensive resources to organisational value creation. Republished with the permission of Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. The world's leading publisher of management journals and databases.


The Australian Financial Review's MIS Magazine. "Untangling intangibles" by Tamara Plakalo. Knowledge Capital background paper. February, 2006.

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GAP Congress Report on Knowledge Capital, 2005