The facilitators - REOS Partners

REOS Partners is an international organisation dedicated to supporting and building capacity for innovative collective action in complex social systems. REOS organise, design and facilitate results-oriented, multi-stakeholder change processes with business, government and civil society organisations. Their name comes from the Greek "rheos," which means flow or stream.

REOS works with organisations and systems that are trying to make real progress on complex challenges. Their approach is participatory, creative, systemic, and action-oriented. It is always practical, professional, and specific to the needs of the situation.

Their work has addressed issues such as climate change and sustainability, HIV/AIDS, child well-being, agriculture and nutrition, finance, and education. REOS has led national scenario projects on every continent.

Reos Partners has offices in Cambridge, Johannesburg, Melbourne, Oxford, San Francisco, Sao Paulo and The Hague.

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