Workplaces of the Future Forum II

The Workplaces of the Future Forum II convening question was;

"How can we make Australian Workplaces more participative, fair, innovative, productive and sustainable by better utilising the skills and potential of every person at work?"

The Forum had the interest of many important stakeholders, including the Prime Minister who said in her concluding remarks at the October 2011 Future Jobs Summit that;

"I also spoke to you about the aims for today, including having a sophisticated discussion about productivity, and we’ve done that. The next iteration of the important work about management and improving productivity that is being done will emerge from a workshop being held in December, and I will ensure that that important work is shared as quickly and as widely as possible"

The Workplaces of the Future Forum II engaged sixty delegates from a wide range of sectors and backgrounds in a process of listening and sharing with a view to uncover the thinking and mindsets that define the current state of Australian workplaces along with the needs, challenges, and opportunities that are confronting us.

The Forum was held at Lancemore Hill, Victoria, from 4-6 December 2011.

To find out more about the forum outcomes and next steps you can